Road Kerb Mould

As time passes, kerbs can wear down, break, crack or crumble, and it can be held in charge of serious slip and can fall injuries. Likewise, properties without a proper kerb leading up to sidewalks or grassy areas can even be safety hazards. If your home, commercial property, or small business is in need of a company to provide concrete kerbing in the Selangor  area, Huat Xin can help you. Huat Xin is an asphalt, concrete, and general road maintenance company that has been providing repair and other kerbing in Selangor for clients for several years.

Regardless of weather you need kerbing in Selangor for a new property or need maintenance done to the existing kerbing, Huat Xin has the experience and knowledge to effectively create a brand new kerbing system for your property. You will no longer have to deal with employees or neighbours slipping when walking in or out of your building, or worse yet, customers or your loved ones falling and injuring themselves. Huat Xin has completed many large level commercial and small residential kerbing services, so no matter the job you need tackled, we will be up to the challenge.

Huat Xin key features:

  • Impressive design flexibility – moulds can be built to suit many unique design requirements.
  • High strengths – provides long life cycles.
  • Health & Safety – Weight less than 20kg for manual handling.
  • Durability and low maintenance – provides up to 10 years service for high use applications.
  • Faster construction – with around 75% less construction time than traditional construction, projects are not held up with manufacturing delays.