Road Kerb Machine

Unlike many of our rivals – who use the same kerbing machines for every job. At Huat Xin, we can provide you a range of 6 powerful models which have been specifically designed to deal with every scenario. Landscaping, garden edging, road, footpaths or car parks, no matter the job we can customize our kerb machines, to meet your project needs and complete them efficiently, affordably and most importantly on time.

We have helped hundreds of contractors to complete their construction jobs, providing them with the best in expert advice, service and machinery and we are able to do the same for you too. You too can take advantage of our continuing support and training, whilst harnessing 6 uniquely designed kerbing machines that are renowned for their stability, cost effectiveness and speedy construction times.

What Huat Xin can offer you:

  • Free consultations – our experts will look at your job requirements, needs and budget, before customising our machines to suit your project.
  • Our Kerb machines created from only the finest in high end components.
  • Our kerb machines are equipped to handle all aspects of your operation.
  • Our kerb machines, twice as strong, 3 times faster (in construction).