7 Jun 2016
Articles - Road Kerb Machine
7 Jun2016
Articles - Road Kerb Machine

Road Kerb Machine is are Leading specialists in extruder and slip form technology, for many years we have successfully provided our customers the world over with the tools and knowledge to complete their kerbing projects to the highest of standards. We recognise that no kerbing job is the same. That location, surface conditions and time constraints can influence the type of kerbing machine you need.

The Road Kerb Making Machine – Featuring no electrics or mechanical gearboxes, simplified maintenance and operation with a high quality end product while completing the job quicker.

Our onsite research during direct comparison testing between the Pro Kerb and the Arrow 770 has shown the following to the true:

  • Production speed is 1/3 to twice as fast – advances of up to 140mm per stroke
  • Due to being able to use a wetter mix a denser stronger kerb is created
  • Kerbing can be reinforced with steel rod simply by feeding the rod through the machine
  • Tighter radius kerbs due to the machine being significantly shorter
  • Quieter operation as engine only needs low revs increasing life and ensuring easier operation as there is no clutch

With the Road Kerb making machine changing moulds and performing maintenance are no longer tedious, labor intensive job. The process for changing the mould is simple, remove a couple of bolts holding the mould in position and then slide the mould out of the way. Lift up scraper plate from its mounting position and then lever the pusher plate out of its mounting holes. Reverse the procedure to install the new scraper, pusher and mound. Mould change is now complete.

Written by  mohamed