7 Jun 2016
Articles - Iron Structure Works
7 Jun2016
Articles - Iron Structure Works

Iron Structure Works is the expert in Steel Iron Structure Works Fabrication & Erection. Some of our projects include, but not limited to, Top Hung steel structure for office unit and Feed mill Steel Structure. Our staffs Iron structure Works have years of experience and they have work in all sort of environments. In Road Kerb mould we know how time is precious, so we always make sure that projects are finished before time or on time to satisfy our valuable customers.

Wrought iron was made by re-melting pig iron, with combustion gases and hot air being drawn over the melt under a dome-shaped roof to reflect air and heat downwards; as oxygen came into contact with carbon in the melted iron, the two elements combined as carbon monoxide and burned off. The iron was raked over to expose it thoroughly to the hot air, a hard job as diminishing carbon raised the melting point of the iron, which became increasingly stiff until it solidified as a spongy mass of almost pure iron, free of carbon but retaining some ‘slag’ inclusions.

Cast iron was made from re-melted and refined pig iron, and shaped by casting. First, a permanent timber model of the component was prepared, from which single-use casting moulds could be made in sand. Known as a ‘pattern’, this model was about one per cent oversize to allow for shrinkage of the iron as it cooled and solidified.

Written by  mohamed